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Thousand Flavors
Under One Roof

Discover the ultimate halal food hall experience with 5 unique restaurants all conveniently located under one roof.

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Caters to the true steak connoisseur with the finest range of beef selections grilled over charcoal and carefully managed grill flame. You will be spoilt from meat choices across Australian Angus to local farms across the nation. The non-compromising standards of our butchers and the passion of our chefs always ensure that our guests receive pure delightful bliss on their tongues, and a memory for a lifetime.. Moreover, guests are brought on an intimate and indulgent gastronomic journey through a series of courses featuring the best of the four seasons.
The Portuguese were prolific explorers, and on their many journeys of exploration, they amassed a treasure trove of herbs and spices. One of the best-known spices is Peri Peri, - derived from the tiny chili peppers that the Portuguese introduced from the deep-rooted regions of Angola and Mozambique and blended with secret herbs and spices. We marinade our chicken pieces for 24 hours resulting in fantastic saucy and succulent mouthwatering chicken.

From the flavors of Mughal dynasty kitchens to the northern silk road warriors’ savors, Khyber Shinwari brings to you an exquisite and enchanting culture rich fine dining experience across Afghan Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Delicately selected royal dishes from chefs amidst our sumptuous décor conveys the sincere spirit of flavor, taste and love to our esteemed guests from kitchen to the table.

Our meticulously prepared regional cuisine, beautiful club like setting, seamless service, and welcoming smile have all created an atmosphere of relaxed elegance.

Mandarin Halal Chinese eloquently expresses tale of regional heritage through its currently offered authentic Chinese cuisine The brand name was incepted in 2006 and has successfully retained its unique taste with exceptional customer service since then. By ordering from the variety of delicious choices from our menu, you will be assured that each dish is cooked to order and presented up to the individual expectations. Therefore, ensuring guaranteed freshness, authenticity and taste.

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Nash & Smash is a vibrant brand specializing in fried chicken and smashed burgers. Our menu includes mouthwatering fried chicken, wings, and strips, all cooked to perfection. We use high-quality, halal, and antibiotic-free ingredients for a fresh dining experience. Our smash burgers come in various sizes to suit your appetite. Visit Spice Village for a limited menu featuring our popular dishes. We source locally for authentic flavors. Join us for a memorable meal that satisfies your taste buds and values.

Open Every day For Dine-in, Take-Out and Delivery

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